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a portal of technological innovation and thought leadership, spearheaded by me, Auzie Morgan. My journey spans over two decades at the forefront of technology with companies like Apple Inc., where I was a founding contributor to the DevOps movement, and at Dynatrace Inc. and Persistent Inc., where my expertise in system automation, cloud technologies, and SRE principles shaped major projects. At AuzieTek, you'll find a rich tapestry of content in our Blogs and ThinkTank, underpinned by my experience with technologies like Git, Docker, Python, and Kubernetes. We also provide practical insights through our local Git repositories, where theory meets application. Join us as we explore the intersections of technology and innovation, creating a space where ideas grow and evolve.


In our Blogs at AuzieTek, we delve deeper into a range of cutting-edge technologies. Here, you'll find comprehensive discussions on Kubernetes, Docker, Python, AI, and cloud technologies. Our articles cater to a wide audience, from beginners to seasoned professionals, breaking down complex tech concepts into engaging and understandable content. We strive to present these topics in a way that not only informs but also sparks curiosity and deeper exploration. Our aim is to make the technical world more accessible and intriguing, inviting readers to join us in navigating the exciting landscape of modern technology.


Our ThinkTank at AuzieTek is a vibrant forum for innovative thinking in technology. Here, we venture beyond traditional boundaries, exploring sustainable technology initiatives and emerging computing paradigms. This space is dedicated to fostering insightful discussions that shape the technology of the future. We focus on environmental sustainability in tech, exploring how technology can be used to create more efficient, self-sustaining systems. It's a platform where experts and enthusiasts alike come together to envision and discuss how technology can evolve to meet future needs responsibly and innovatively.

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Additionally, our local Git repositories at DTLab AuzieTek provide a practical resource for hands-on learning and experimentation, complementing the theoretical knowledge shared in our blogs and ThinkTank discussions.


Join us at AuzieTek, where learning, innovation, and community come together to explore and shape the future of technology.

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At AuzieTek, our approach to content creation and innovation is deeply rooted in practical, hands-on experiences. Utilizing the Lean Build-Measure-Learn methodology, we co-author content that effectively combines AI and human intelligence. This approach results in short, functional, and reputable concepts. Furthermore, nearly everything we write is either researched or, where applicable, built and tested in our lab using advanced tools like Docker, ProxMox, Git, and PHP Kanboard. Our hands-on approach ensures our insights are not just theoretical but also rigorously tested and proven in real-world scenarios.


Explore our unique, hands-on approach to technology at AuzieTek.